The Indian Lake

by Beaten Tooth

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Fort Orange Blues Year of the Earth Pig Editions


released August 7, 2019

Beaten Tooth: Instruments and Voices
The Indian Lake: Ambience

Carlos Castaneda: words for "the Devil's Weed"




Freakweeds of the Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Fish Grew Legs
I am silent

The fish grew legs,
and climbed on the beach
and walked over to where I was sunbathing
they ate my chips
they touched my girlfriend
in the most inappropriate of ways

the fish wanted more
the fish wanted more
so they went and grew some legs
the fish - they learned our ways

o oo oo oo oo o o o~~!! u u uu u uuu u!!!

Then… the scaly scaly scaly two legged things got hungry
they cooked they put some of that stuff all over my girlfriends legs
they made themselves a little fire
they roast her legs on fire
they said oh boy!
now i know
what it’s like to be in charge, oh oh

blub blub blbloblablioue (incomprehensible fish-language)

Track Name: Ponderosa Beach
yeah yeah yeah baby…

took your car and stole it
drove it…

stole your car and drove on to work

steal that car
smoke those cigarettes!
put on her lipstick
drive it into the junkyard yeaaaaaah

aieeei put on your your makeup
i put on…

i went down to the buffet again
stuff your face on mashed potatoes pasta ponderosa beer
i ate til my stomach burst
smoke your cigarette put on your makeup, yeah
drove your car down to michigan
stole your car down on michigan avenue
i got the makeup!!
i got the cigarettes!!!

i stole the car that you were looking for
i stick your cigarettes
in the back seat where you wont find them
i eat your make up and smoke your ponderosa
i put a steak in your back seat
gravy all over your clothes!
and I smoked your makeup
i put your cigarettes on my face and i burned my eyelash

beach safari! b-b-b-beach safari!
i want the girls to make out on the beach safari
ya ya ya ya ya ya yeah

the beach safari!! ha ha ha… the beach safari!!

on the beach, on the beach
gonna catch you when you come
on the beach, on the beach
i’m gonna get you when you come

come and pig out baby on my (???)
gonna take your cigarettes down to the beach
baby swimming with a cigarette in my mouth
gonna smoke this thang, agawheegha!
Track Name: What's Inside
Got sin, got sin
I got got sin

What’s inside?
What’s inside?
What’s insiiiiiiiiiide?

There’s nothing inside!
Track Name: Pardons

ooooaaaaa oh
what’s that?
what’s it do?
what’s that for?

errrrrrrr wsjdopsjdfsodfjop
iweiwejfsheeshee uffff

qiweifqoiwehf[ whefd[ihwefjhqweifh
Track Name: Great Spirit
ahh.. ahh… eh?

i went out to the woods
and encountered a Great Spirit

the Great Spirit
said with me

sooooooo son!

hoo hoo ah ah ah ah!
Track Name: La Yerba del Diablo (Devil's Weed)
[from the Teachings of Don Juan]
Track Name: L'Grands Esprits
oo oo oo oo oo hoo oo oo oo oo

agha agha yayayaya

Track Name: Kurz (làm ngập)
(Even the jungle wanted him dead.)
Track Name: Submerge
(Surrounded by it)

all the way down

all the way down
what’s on the bottom
underneath all this water

all the way down


….ah, I am floating
Track Name: Blessed Forgetting
the mild-mannered morning
is a long way away
and many more miles
to climb through my dreams
and ten hours of
remembering my sins

the mild-mannered morning
will come again…
bringing blessed forgetting

oh, come!
oh, come!

twenty more dreams of my past

no. no. no-no-no!


wha, maria, andalia
mama maria
no, not me

oh, come
schaa, come
blessed forgetting
Track Name: Oiavsa Gras (DelaiVille)
i was lying in the grass
waving my hands and ass
bullets were flying everywhere
not that i would know or care

i was lying in the grass
waving my hands and ass
bullets were flying thru the air
i just don’t know or care

what can go wrong? what can go wrong?
What can go wrong is I can battle the ass!
Battle the ass for the Doo-Ron-Ron…
battle the ax, battley ass, battleyayaiahiaodowhoa

i went diving thru the grass
snakes were crawling up my crack
corpses flying thru the air
i just dont give a big dam there

knowing no wrong…
what can go wrong, knowing no wrong?
What can go wrong is I can battle the axe!
Battle the axe for supremacy!
Battle-y-o, Battly-oh! battlaifhefifjknaergjnserg

wavin’ my gun…

i was getting high on grass
everything lookin like its made out of grass
i took my gun out in the air
they all said hey out there

hey old man
hey erfjeilrfgilehjl~~~!!!

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